Here at Prime Pressure we don’t just see homes as structures. For us, they are more than that. A home is a special place where families grow together, create memories and work together towards goals and aspirations.


Our goal at Prime Pressure is to help you freshen up your home while improving its curb appeal. We believe your home should be a reflection of your BEST self!


Central Florida's weather is one of the top factors in the deterioration of you exterior surfaces. From torrential rains to high heat and humidity in the matter of minutes our exterior surfaces need continuous maintenance to avoid deterioration.


Don’t let years of neglect keep you from enjoying your home. If you are not wowed every time you come home let Prime Pressure Services bring back that WOW to your life with our low-pressure house washing service!


Our Soft Wash House Wash is superior to standard pressure washing in every way. From the low pressure application of industry leading detergents, to the longer-lasting organic growth inhibiting results, Soft Washing is the smart choice for your Central Florida area home’s exterior.